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Imagine starting your day by opening the door to your well-organized closet where shirts hang neatly from strong hardwood rods, and shoes and sweaters sit on warm, luxurious shelving, just waiting for you to easily pick the perfect outfit. 

Beautiful and durable, this wood DIY closet organier kit allows you to better organize your closets with ventilated shelving that will look as if you hired a professional. Made from hardy Ash wood, this kit assembles easily  and combines contemporary styling with the tradition of real wood. 

Kits come with complete instructions to walk you through the entire process, from designing to preparing, cutting and installing. All you need is a pencil, level, saw and a screwdriver. 

Each hardwood closets kit includes 27 feet of shelving and 20 feet of hanging rod that gives you a lot of flexibility when designing your space. The included easy-to-follow installation manual also comes with design suggestions and helpful information about standard closet heights. 

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